Installing node-webkit
on old distrs

libstdc++ < 3.4.15

Node-webkit is a tool for writing desktop applications using node.js and WebKit. The problem with it is that node-webkit binaries are linked with relatively new libc and libstrdc++ versions, which aren't included in or compatible with all distrs, especially old ones.

The solution to this problem is to use a statically compiled node-webkit. But there's no official build of that kind. However git-user zhizhangchen made one using this. Technically speaking, it isn't an usual static build, but a whole portable package. That's needed because of compatibility issues. You can download it here.

Now all we need is to unpack the tar and copy files of our node-webkit application to the folder named cde-root. After that we can run the application using nw.cde command. It isn't necessary even to install node.js on the target system!

A single limitation of the trick is that the application will be chroot'ed.

An alternative solutions are: to update the OS, to statically compile node-webkit on the target system and other painful things.



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