Free memcached for
Openshift application

25 mb

It's possible to add memcached to Openshift application for free.



Go to Openshift Web console, select your application and go to Marketplace and add Memcached Cloud cartridge with free plan to your application.

Now, you can view the connection information for your memcached in details of the cartridge. All you need is endpoint, username and password.


For example, to access memcached from Rails you can use dalli gem:

gem 'dalli'

and test your connection using remote rails console

$ rhc ssh
$ cd app-root/repo
$ RAILS_ENV=production rails c

with these commands

dc ='', {compress: true, username: 'memcachedcloud', password: '***' })

Free plan includes about 25 mb of in-memory cache.


Good luck with fastest caching technologies]



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