How to run jQuery self tests

This is addition to official Running the Unit Tests topic.

Say you have rewritten half of jquery (for good reasons) and want to test it. jquery uses its own QUnit tool.

Build stable jquery

For demonstration of QUnit let's clone stable branch of jquery

$ git clone -b 1.11-stable
$ cd jquery

Build it

$ npm install
$ grunt
$ ll dist

PHP server

Althrough we already installed node for builds, we need PHP server for tests. PHP? to test javascript library? Strange.

Anyway, you just configure HTTP server to serve root directory of jquery (not test directory) and QUnit should be available at http://localhost/test.

Lightweight servers

First I tried simple CGI server uwsgi but seems it doesn't work well with QUnit. Then I tried lighttpd but some tests were still failed.

I configured lighttpd this way

  1. Installed lighttpd and php. On Debian it is lighttpd and php5-cgi packages.
  2. Enabled fastcgi-php

    # lighttpd-enable-mod fastcgi fastcgi-php
  3. Added directory with local copy of jQuery repo to lighttpd. Simple and dirty way was to change server.document-root.

  4. Changed server.port from 80 to 8081.
  5. Restarted lighttpd.

    # service lighttpd restart

Test page became available at http://localhost:8081/test/index.html, but whole bunch of tests were failed.


Apache works good with QUnit:

Tests completed in 64047 milliseconds.
6089 assertions of 6092 passed, 3 failed.

One test is related to stylesheets was failed, as far as i understood one stylesheet was introduced by Chrome, not by document and this confused the test.

Two tests are related to focus/blur. May be it's time to update my Chromium?]

I tested in FF also:

Tests completed in 54904 milliseconds.
6086 assertions of 6086 passed, 0 failed.

Faster and no tests failed.


Tests completed in 93135 milliseconds.
6060 assertions of 6060 passed, 0 failed.






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